how to tell if you have pink eye symptoms

Pink eye is a common yet scary problem that happens when conjunctiva becomes inflamed due to several reasons. Conjunctiva is actually a thin and transparent membrane lining your eyeball and eyelid. Causes of red eye may vary but inflammation normally clears up in just few days. This disease is common in children who are more exposed to dirt and bacteria that are among leading causes of pink eye. Despite being a common disease, this condition can lead to great trouble that a person may undergo for even a week or two.

It is often called conjunctivitis having several causes, but viral infection is most common. Lining of eye is clear and becomes red if irritation and infection occurs. What is most intricate is to judge the cause of pink eye and treat it accordingly. We have discussed below different causes and symptoms of pink so that you can easily accustom to the reason behind your pink eyes or conjunctivitis.

Viral Conjunctivitis

Causes: Viruses, bacteria or fungi generally causes pink eye or conjunctivitis. This type of red eye can be really contagious and can spread with close contacts. The infection may also occur with the use of contaminated objects like towel, close contact with contaminated person and even by pool water. When epidemic conjunctivitis that is the only infectious type occurs, it may take 7 to 10 days to get back to normal situation. In general, adenovirus is the leading cause behind viral conjunctivitis, but enterovirus type-70 may lead to hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. This type of infection is common in schools, workplaces, medical clinic etc.


  • Redness in white portion of eye
  • Itching and burning feel in eyelids
  • Swelling in tender areas
  • Release of excess tears
  • Swelling of eyelids
  • Slightly thick or whitish drainage

Symptoms of viral pinkeye last five to seven days and may even take 3 weeks to retrieve. Situation becomes more perilous when ability of your body to fight infection decreases. Pink eye when causes virus can be treated with antiviral medicine. Home remedies can help you recover and get back to normal situation.

Bacterial Pink Eye

This type of infection is characterized by pus with most common causes include Streptococcus, Haemophilus Influenza and Staphylococcus aurous. One most common type of bacterial conjunctivitis is called gonococcal conjunctivitis caused by a bacteria “Neisseria Gonorrhoeae” that is transmitted sexually. This type on bacterial infection is very rare and can be treated by applying on drop of silver nitrate in conjunctival sac. If left untreated, this sexually transmitted bacterial infection can penetrate into eye intact that can further destroy your eyes.


  • Redness in white portion of eye
  • Yellow and gray drainage from eye
  • Swelling in upper eyelid followed by mild pain

Bacterial infection leads to more drainage in comparison to viral conjunctivitis. Bacterial infection normally lasts seven to ten days without any antibiotic treatment. However, you can consider having an antibiotic treatment that helps you recover.

Chemical Conjunctivitis

Causes: Direct contact with any toxic agent may cause chemical conjunctivitis. Key elements responsible for chemical conjunctivitis include air pollutants, makeup, hair dyes, soap, spray, and chlorine water. When undergoing chemical pink eye, one must stay away from causative agents and wash away eyes with lots of water. This type of conjunctivitis normally recovers in a day or two, but you can also seek medical advice.


  • Redness in white portion of eye
  • Swelling in upper eyelids
  • Itching accompanied by mild pain

Early HIV signs of infection might be quickly mistaken for other popular conditions

To begin with no signs and symptoms are observed, people with signs of fatigue, headache, fever, rashes, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting, chest infection and swollen lymph nodes might be part of HIV symptoms. Early HIV signs of infection might be simply mistaken for other popular ailments. HIV symptoms aren’t certain; they are able to selection from recurring infections like flu or perhaps a selection of situations. HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is an infection attacking the human immune technique with dire symptoms. On hiv symptoms in women,Many individuals don’t acquire any warning signs when they initial become contaminated with HIV. A number of people, even so, get a flu-like sickness in a few to 6 weeks just after exposure on the virus. Drug treatment options can allow for individuals living with HIV to stay no cost of signs and symptoms for longer and can boost top quality of living for people dwelling with AIDS. A person is definitely the enhancement of drugs that inhibit the virus’s progress, preventing or delaying the onset of AIDS and allowing individuals residing with HIV to continue to be totally free of signs and symptoms extended.

Given that these people today are HIV symptoms detrimental, it seems logical to find out a connection among their stress and anxiety and their discovering about HIV indicators. [4] Acute stage HIV symptoms typically emerge inside two to 4 weeks following exposure to this virus, make clear healthcare pros at It is possible to seek out help from your internet websites supplying information and delivers no cost diagnosis and therapy for your clients suffering from HIV indicators. Experts have studied HIV virus for a long time and it’s been confirmed that HIV warning signs in Adult males had been significantly less obvious than those in gals. Once diagnosed with HIV signs or symptoms the state will get worse as the immune process is compromised medicines are not powerful. Hiv signs or symptoms in guys consist of high and frequent fever that lasts for many days.

As opposed to AIDS through which symptoms are attributable to opportunistic infections and not so much the presence of HIV, in HIV seroconversion the signs and symptoms are a result of your immune response to HIV. Far more persistent or extreme indicators might not surface for many years, even a decade or more, right after HIV first enters the human body in adults, or inside of two a long time in children born with all the virus. Lots of people don’t have any signs once they very first turn out to be contaminated with HIV. Many people might have a flu-like sickness (like fever, headache, tiredness and enlarged lymph nodes) within a month or two following coverage on the virus. Teens and young adults who contract HIV generally present no signs on the time of infection. Some individuals may not display any signs and symptoms once they are diagnosed with HIV, in accordance to the Natio. Some adult females could have signs right after a latest coverage to HIV that may well contain: low-grade fevers, night sweats, tiredness, and weight-loss. Other warning signs of HIV in adult males that are significantly less frequent are loss of consciousness and elevated blood strain. The signs or symptoms you describe usually do not sound to me like HIV seroconversion and sound extra like travel tiredness, jet lag, and tension. What this means is you are infected using the virus and may pass HIV to many others even if you may have no signs or symptoms. An HIV infection has a few key phases: acute HIV syndrome; an intermediate stage which has several signs or symptoms ; and AIDS. When gals are at first contaminated with HIV, they might acquire some first sympt. In yr 2001 it was documented that there have been 35,890,000 folks who had HIV or AIDS. Out of the complete range, it had been confirmed that approximately 18 million girls have signs of HIV infection in addition to a bit far more than 17 million males have symptoms of HIV. Signs: The signs or symptoms of HIV infection and AIDS usually are the warning signs in the illnesses that attack the physique because of a weakened immune procedure. P24 antigens vanish on the other hand by the point antibodies produce. The p24 antigen check does possess a part for sufferers who may have had a major danger for HIV infection in the final few weeks and are currently experiencing signs or symptoms of HIV seroconversion. [Based on] Right after reviewing quite possibly the most frequent signs and signs and symptoms of principal HIV infection, we report unique prognostic studies which examined the association amongst the acute sickness and the progression of HIV disease. [4] Loads of men and women are already composing questions to me about early warning signs of HIV infection. If a I’m going by way of what seems to be the acute HIV infection warning signs, will an HIV examination indicate optimistic success or have to 1 undergo the acute infection prior to the antibodies are existing? To put it differently, does the acute infection position have any outcome on the accuracy of an HIV examination. You can find merchandise that could be applied to deal with many of the signs of HIV infection and to deal with many of the unintended effects of HIV drug remedy. [8] Acute HIV infection indicators is usually comparable to symptoms of the popular cold or flu. Acute HIV infection or seroconversion is by no means diagnosed based on signs introduced. Indicators that persist, this includes recurring yeast infections, cold, flu, and tiredness, may also show HIV infection.